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The Military Officers Association of America SWVC supports the MOAA national legislative agenda. The chapter is also active in supporting the state council in various state veterans' issues.

MOAA’s Legislative Mission for 2022

  1. Sustain pay raises and adequate BAH for the troops and COLA raises for retirees.

  2. Ensure the Coast Guard, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and Public Health Service continue to receive pay during a government shutdown.

  3. Protect the value of the military health care benefit.

  4. Protect the Military Health System pharmacy benefit, and achieve flexibility in TRICARE pharmacy copays.

  5. Address barriers to accessing care within the MHS, including TRICARE coverage gaps and mental health care access challenges.

  6. Protect family support programs, and ensure military-provided services (housing, PCS, child care, youth programs, financial counseling) are readily available and meet standards for quality and costs.

  7. Achieve equity of benefits, protections, and administrative support for Guard/Reserve members consistent with their active-duty counterparts.

  8. Sustain Veterans Health Administration (VHA) foundational missions and services.

  9. Reform the presumptive process to support veterans claiming service-connected disabilities for toxic exposures.

  10. Achieve concurrent receipt of service-earned retirement pay and VA disability pay.

  11. Protect full military honors and burial at Arlington National Cemetery for those currently eligible.

  12. Improve survivors’ benefits.

  13. Support a quality transition experience from active duty to veteran status for all service members.

  14. Recognize the pandemic continues to affect the lives of our service members.


For more information visit (Advocacy 2022 Legislative Mission)

Joint Leadership Council of Veterans Service Organizations (JLC) Policy Initiatives for 2022

  • JLC 2022-01- Suicide Prevention among SMVF

  • JLC 2022-02 - Expand Tax Relief for Surviving Spouses of Military Service Members to also include “Died in the Line-of-Duty

  • JLC 2022-03 - VSO Color and Honor Guards

  • JLC 2022-04 - Increase GF Support for State Veterans Cemetaries; Eliminate Spouse Burial Fees

  • JLC 2022-05 - Promote Hiring of National Guard and Reserve Members

  • JLC 2022-06 - Virginia National Guard State Park Admission

  • JLC 2022-07 - Virginia National Guard Income Tax Exemption

  • Note:  A summary of the 2022 JLC Initiatives Policy papers for each initiative can be accessed on the JLC webpage at: Virginia Joint Leadership Council Legislative Policy Initiatives 2022.
  • MOAA-2 is JLC legislative initiative number two for 2022.  Go to the following link for more information.
  • Military Officers Association of America 1 (MOAA-1) Income tax subtraction for certain low-income disabled veterans.
  • Military Officers Association of America 2 (MOAA-2) Expand Tax Relief for Surviving Spouses of Military Services Members “Killed in Action” to also include “Died on Active Duty”.
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