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The Military Officers Association of America SWVC supports the MOAA national legislative agenda. The chapter is also active in supporting the state council in various state veterans' issues.

MOAA’s Legislative Priorities 2023

MOAA's Legislative Priorities for advocacy as the 118th Congress continues its work. Their focus remains on all seven of the uniformed services and their service-earned entitlements.

  • Compensation and Service-Earned Benefits

  • Military Housing

  • Health Care for Currently Serving and Retirees

  • Health Care and Benefits for Veterans

  • Service Families

  • Survivors

  • Guard and Reserve


As protecting health care and service-earned benefits is a challenge, MOAA will press forward to engage Congress to shape outcomes in these vital areas. There are steep hills before us. Our nation has a rising debt of more than $30 trillion and a deficit of more than $3 trillion. Because of this, MOAA anticipates robust attempts to control federal budgets, reduce or eliminate unprogrammed expenditures, and reduce entitlements. MOAA needs you to be ready to reach out to your legislators and keep that engagement going as necessary to make sure your voice is heard. Details at

Virginia Council of Chapters / Joint Logistic Council Initiatives 2023

  • JLC 2023 Initiatives:  JLC 2023 Approved Initiatives

  • JLC 2023-01 Expand Tax Relief for Surviving Spouses of Military Service Members to also include “Died in the Line-of-Duty”

  • JLC 2023-02 Real Property Tax Exemption Effective Date

  • JLC 2023-03 Removal of Age Requirement Income Tax Subtraction

  • JLC 2023-04 Appropriate $400,000 (GF) for State Veterans Cemeteries; Eliminate Spouse/Dependent and Guard/Reserve Burial Fees

  • JLC 2023-05 Virginia National Guard State Park Admission

  • JLC 2023-06 Virginia National Guard Income Tax Exemption

A summary of the approved 2023 JLC Initiatives Policy papers for each initiative can be accessed on the JLC webpage at

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